Students can attend our weekly online live webinars and watch the recordings of previous webinars as well as ask questions in our digitizing help forum. These premium services are offered at a budget-friendly price to help members maximize their software investment.
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I can teach YOU
how to digitize
embroidery designs!

Now you can learn to digitize from a professional educator who owns one of the most successful embroidery sites on the internet!

How Would You Answer

These 7 Questions?

1 Did you buy digitizing software from someone who promised you could take digitizing lessons from them "any time", but now they don't have "any time" to teach you?  

If so, then this site is for you!

2 Did you look for a digitizing teacher but only find people giving lessons who either can't digitize any better than you, can't teach to save their soul, or can't do either?   

If so, then this site is for you!

3 Did you read the owners manual that came with your digitizing software but find it as useless?  

 If so, then this site is for you!

4 Did you buy one or two (or even three!) different digitizing programs, searching for THE ONE that will make sense to you?   

If so, then this site is for you!

5 Did you get "stuck" at being able to digitize only one type of artwork or only basic designs?   

If so, then this site is for you!

6 Did someone tell you that in order to make better embroidery designs you have to edit the artwork first, so now you spend more time editing artwork than actually digitizing?  

If so, then this site is for you!

7 Did you pay for digitizing classes, pay for travel, and pay for a hotel room, but forget half of what you learned before you got home?  

If so, then this site is for you!



If You Answered YES To Even ONE

Of Those Questions...

Then This Site Is For YOU!

Those experiences are exactly what I hear from our customers and new students every day.  In fact, those are the top 7 reasons why people are now Holly's students and couldn't be happier with their choice to try out the "YouCanDigitize" system. ( CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT HOLLY'S STUDENTS SAY ABOUT LEARNING FROM HER!  )

Holly teaches people how to digitize whether for fun OR for profit. You can choose  what you want to do with your digitizing skills and Holly will help you get there. Her students are taught through interactive online webinars, Q&A sessions, our online forum, our online videos, our tutorial CD's, and even in-person workshops and private lessons are available for the top students.



"You CAN Digitize" what Holly tells people whenever she starts a new class. Many people think they can't digitize because they have tried before and "didn't get it" in their previous attempts. But here's what you need to know... Choosing the right teacher is crucial to your success!

Holly understands digitizing!

There are a lot of people who teach digitizing that either don't understand digitizing or don't understand teaching, and sometimes... both! You won't have either problem when you learn to digitize with Holly!

Since starting her own digitizing business and website in 2001, Holly has digitized well over 20,000 embroidery designs! Would you rather learn digitizing from someone who has digitized a few designs so they could learn the software before they teach the class, or from someone who has digitized over twenty thousand designs ( and made a full-time living doing it ) since 2002?

You can see some of Holly's digitizing on her embroidery club website at and on her design store website at to get an idea of the variety and quality of Holly's digitizing and that of her students now too!

Holly understands teaching!

Holly's formal education and work background is in teaching. She studied music education at Northeastern Illinois University. After school, she taught music and band in Chicago area schools. She transitioned from teaching kids to running a music company where along with other work she taught teachers how to teach more effectively for several years. Later, Holly took a job testing, designing and teaching software for a "Fortune 5" company headquartered in Germany.

Holly has taught everyone from 5th graders to corporate management teams to senior citizens and everything in between. One nice thing about teaching (besides June, July, and August) is that the skills for teaching one subject are transferable to teaching other subjects. After learning to digitize Holly began teaching our first employee to digitize. Since then, she has honed her skills in digitizing and has continued to develop techniques for teaching those skills to others.

As Holly's student you will quickly discover that...

"You CAN Digitize!"

Do you already own Generations software?

"YES... I have Generations Software To Work With Already"


"NO... I Don't Have Generations Software To Work With Now"


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"I have learned to use every tool in Generations!"

"I can and do use my Generations an a daily basis. Thank you Holly."

"It is difference between learning your digitizing software and leaving it on the shelf."

"Holly does not just show you how to use Generations, she gives you the "why" too!"

"Generations is simply the most user friendly digitizing software I have ever used."

"Holly's way of teaching is so layed back and left open for questions that you can't help but learn."